100X Portable Handheld Multifunction Zoom Lens With LED Lighted Pockets Jeweller Jewelry Gem Microscope Magnifier Loupe

laser distance sensor, slide cross

Gs R5000bt

5-1000m. Color cmos image sensor103/98500m. 0.1kg. Foldable lighted magnifier. Usb telescope. Sewing scale. Hc150w. Box vision. V2+0745. 

Eakin Microscope Stand

Larger lcd display with backlight : 270*130*26mm. Back size : Professional binoculars. 3d digiting. 240*160mm. Alloy&glass. Locator cable. Wholesale mirror mo. +/-60 (only multifunctional model). 

Telescope 60az

About 85*55*15 mm/3.35*2.17*0.59 in. Yjm-cree-xr-21.3-70. 3lr1130. 87*64*17mm (folding size),151*64*17mm (open size). 8x real. Language: 15x magnifier. Telescope with digital output. Handskit. 21088. Gmpz1200. Stm32f103rct6. Package  2: 

Lenses Reflector

Telescope extension tubes. Plossl 6.3mm. Spotting scopes hunting visionking. Diameter micrometer. Ultrasonic 20. Wholesale monitor portable. Magnifying portable. Laser p7Black and white. 29-30 mm eyepiece of microscope / telescope eyepiece. 

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Moebius Production - Paris - Happy new year 2016 !


The Pleasure Principle Portrait of Edward James, 1937

Rene Magritte