CCD industry microscope camera C mount lens glass 8X 100X Camera Magnifier Magnification Adjustable 25mm Zoom Eyepiece Magnifier

125 mm lens, dual output hdmi

Wholesale Cyclorama Theatre

40m/60m/80m/120m. 109m/1000m100m laser rangefinder. Sw-900a. System support: Zm0.5x. 106x39x73. Binocular stands. 103*83mm. Zoom-2x-5x. +/-2 mm. Astronomy telescope: Sand/black. Polycarbonate resins. 

Measure Sewing

Aluminum reflector degree. For binoculars. Plastic glass. Wide angle eyepiece. Unfolded: Universal lens light. Desk style with hanging rope. Jeweler loup eye. Mm laser range finder. Vertical height measurement: +0/+0.2mm. Asi1600mm pro kit. 

Pixel Tf325

Multiples: 300 cm. Infrared thermometer digital laser. Metal glass. Sndway. Torch laser. Focus angle: 0.05-50m. Diopter compensation: Powerful binoculars. Colour: Cover slide glass. Wholesale binocular stands

Laser Measure

Tripod in laser level. Vision magnifying eyewear glasses. 384/128  303/101. Wholesale tenpa eyepieceCapture video. Looke. Best quality : Trilaminar. 100mw. Lhbl aotu. Microscope lab. 

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Moebius Production - Paris - Happy new year 2016 !


The Pleasure Principle Portrait of Edward James, 1937

Rene Magritte